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Genius Nutrition Carnogen Beta-Alanine

Genius Nutrition Carnogen Beta-Alanine

Genius Nutrition Carnogen Beta-Alanine

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100 % Beta-Alanine
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Carnogen beta-alanine is an amino acid which combines with amino acid histidine soon after it enters the body. Histidine is taken from high-protein food sources and is produced in sufficient amounts in the body. The result of the combination of these two amino acids is carnosine.

The main role of carnosine is to buffer hydrogen ions in muscles. Thus, it prevents decline in muscle pH and muscle acidification. Muscle acidification leads to muscular fatigue and causes pain and soreness.

It also causes muscle failure and strength depletion after high-intensity exercise or after high-intensity interval training. In an acid environment, the energy supplied by ATP is limited (ATP or adenosine triphosphate stores and converts the energy required by the cells in accordance with the metabolic demand).


100% highly potent beta-alanine

Maximizes pump, strength and endurance

Helps to maintain normal energy metabolism

Helps to maintain normal protein and glycogen metabolism

Supports red blood cell production 

Helps to reduce fatigue 

Do not exceed reccommended dosage.
100% Beta-Alanine
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