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Genius Nutrition iCreatine

Genius Nutrition iCreatine

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iCreatine is pharmaceutical grade, tested for purity and high potency creatine of the latest technologies production system under EU standards and NanoPure™ quality system.
iCreatine is a relatively fresh version of creatine that is bonded to magnesium rather than a water molecule as in creatine monohydrate. This causes this unique form of creatine (magnesium creatine chelate) to be absorbed through a different  and more effective pathway than creatine monohydrate. Supplementing with a mixture of both magnesium creatine chelate and creatine monohydrate could give better effects.

Why iCreatine

✔ Creatine form CreaHydrate™
✔ New muscle growth
✔ More strength
✔ Increased cell volumization
✔ Faster recovery
✔ Greater endurance, less muscle fatigue
✔ Support production of lean muscle
✔ Less conversion to creatinine

Do not exceed reccommended dosage.
It's nutritious and delicious
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